Who We Are

Thanks for being curious about us. We’re Frank and Kelly Roberto together with our beautifully blended family of six “children” between the ages of 16 and 25. In order by age:

Anthony, Philip, Abraham, Elias, Gabrielle, and Evangeline.

We were blessed to design and build our home in 2020, an adventure that I (Kelly) decided to share because I get questions about it nearly every day.

Ground Breaking
Breaking ground for our home. With kid-sized shovels. Minus Anthony, who worked late that night.

Kelly Forman Roberto

3rd-Generation Realtor.
Writer. Farmer?
Wife and Mom.


Why do I love building and farm life? Some of my earliest memories include holding Grandpa Ted’s cracked sandpaper-like hand as we bounced in his heavy car across the ruts outside one of his new builds. And walking across the highway with Dad to stand in the long feed trough where the cattle licked my gum boots as they waited for the overhead feeder to spray some sweet silage out for them.

So after living very conservatively in town for the last 13 years, I was beyond excited to get back out to the country in 2020. Even better, we were able to build not just a house but also a barn! Even better better, I was able to design the house and run the build. Wow.

When I pulled up to the building department for the first time with my file of permit paperwork, I sat in my car and cried when I saw the sign. Delaware County Building Regulations.

The last time I was there, I was with Grandpa.

Some people loathe inspections and the permitting process.

I love it. I guess memories do impact how we experience today.

So while most parts of this story won’t look like a stylist’s guide, I hope the honest documentation of our build will entertain, inspire, or at least satisfy some curiosity.

Thanks for being here.

On Building

All space and matter, organic or inorganic, has some degree of life in it, and matter/space is more alive or less alive according to its structure and arrangement.

Christopher Alexander

Regard it as just as desirable to build a chicken house as to build a cathedral.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Let’s talk more about building.