Planting Tiny Trees

Possibly the most uneventful post ever for those who prefer telenovela drama—which I also do love—but the planting of tiny trees seems a welcome addition to these early posts that include topography and taxes.

Topography, taxes, and tiny trees.

All right here, baby.

(Do you even see them? I planted leftover Kaibab Spruce seedlings from our annual office seedling giveaways in the edge of our woods because I didn’t know where they would be safe during our build… and then I replanted them along the opposite property line when I realized that regrading might land a few feet of dirt on them… and then I replanted them again when our neighbors complained that their future branches might extend across the property line into their space.

All that moving took me from 25 seedlings to about 12 live ones.

I’m ok with that. When I was in Kindergarten, my parents planted about 200 pine seedlings that they paid me ten cents a tree to hand trim around (ugh)—and which Great Grandpa Jones mowed over a couple years later because he couldn’t see well but wanted to help with our lawn.

Two of those pine seedlings lived. Today, they are huge. My brother and his wife now own the property we grew up on, and those lovely trees frame their children’s swing set and play area.

If I get to see any survivors thriving over the years from my initial plantings, I will be happy.

Even though I got the worst poison ivy of my life from planting them. And again while replanting them.

Still worth it.

Look up Kaibab National Forest. One of my favorite places. So even being able to plant a Kaibab Spruce baby here in Ohio makes me a very happy person.