First Major Expense: “Let’s Build a Driveway.”

We figured out where we wanted the driveway.

If you take a look at this aerial, you’ll see where we were running the string in the video (which is entertaining). (Thanks to my sister, Megan, for forcing through those briars.)

The red line in the aerial is where we staked our line from survey pin to survey pin so the driveway could be cut in at a minimum of 6′-8′ from that line. That’s where we ran the string.

The first part of our driveway (from the road to the turn) is a shared drive, so it was already built when we bought this place.

In the aerial, it looks like our driveway (which was built to the barn by the time this shot was taken) is on the line. It’s not. Sometimes aerials make things look like they’re farther in one direction than they are depending on where the plane or drone was in the sky when it captured the image. The angle.

You can also see my sister’s house in that aerial. You’ll see a lot of my sister and her children over time because she lives next door. We dreamed about living next to each other when we were young adults (we fought when we were kids), and with building this homestead/farmstead, we are making that dream a reality.

It’s so fun to see her little ones running down her back yard and up our driveway to see us.

“Uncle Frank! Uncle Frank!”

Or to drive by when they’re out on their swing set and have them jump off the swings and run over to hang on the fence and talk to us.

“Aunt Kelly! Aunt Kelly!”

Those little moments will stay with me for life.

Before I go, I’ll share a few more images of what it looked like when we prepped for the driveway.

If you have questions about the cost of improvements like a driveway, I’d be happy to talk to you about those averages here in Central Ohio.